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How to make dreams come true!

If you follow Perfect Avocado Retreats on social media, then you already know we are at a choice point with the retreat. We need 3 more lovelies to sign up to join us in Costa Rica in May. Right now.

When we host these retreats, Amy and I also bring something to the table beside the set, setting, and format. We each have our own dream of the moment that we want to bring to fruition. Amy’s next dream is to find the love of her life. I want to design the third half of my life.

I share this because I feel it’s important that you know that we do this work in order to be in the work. Of course we want to share this with all of you, and with anyone who will pay attention! But, we have our own dreams and writing this blog every week, producing Weekend Wisdom every week, hosting Super Powers virtual retreats quarterly, and The Story of Your Life webinar - that’s all part of doing the work for ourselves. We never ever put on a program of any sort where we are strictly in Teacher mode, we are also always in Student mode as well.

Here’s my pitch. Ready? Amy and I came up with the date for this retreat way back in June, we felt confident that COVID would be taking a backseat by May. Secret crystal-ball-readers that we are, we just knew that our people would be SO ready to get out from underneath lockdowns, masks, and social distancing to splash in the waves whilst strategizing on their Next Big Thing in Costa Rica. Right?

Well, given all the mask mandates that are coming down in all the municipalities and states across the country, it seems like we were right. We just didn’t count on the Delta and Omicron variants, which, in the meantime made everything scarier and so much much worse. But now, it appears that we are finally entering the endemic stage of the ‘rona. Huzzah!

Soooo, now IS the time to allow yourself to try on some new idea for the future! And don’t you think Nosara is the place to do it? I believe that we can all breathe a little deeper and using caution and our best gut instincts, pack up our bathing suits, sandals, and SPF, and go dream our big dreams together.

Personally, I am really looking forward to bringing focused attention to my third half. I want to hold hands with you, light a candle to light up our intention, and with a great big deep breath Just. Let. Go.

So, hold back no longer, if you’ve thought about it at all, please reach out to, and let's see how we can make this happen together. This could be the very first step on the path toward your big dream. Close your eyes and use every one of your senses to bring the reality of your dream into focus. Now, click here.

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