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A Destination Retreat In Costa Rica
for Women Who Are Eager to Discover What’s Next

with Amy Branger and Pam VanDeursen

2022 Costa Rica retreat was
transformational for all involved. 

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Now that the strict restrictions of the pandemic are finally over and we know you are ready for it!

A luxurious relaxed travel retreat to have Fun, Dream Big, and Embrace Your Life!

Imagine waking up in your own bed made up with fresh crisp white sheets, gazing out at the lush Costa Rican jungle and an azure blue pool. For every one of six blissful days, you awake looking forward to a day of sun, spa, personal realization, and inspiration!

This week is all about you! 
You - Sweeping away your own limiting beliefs.
You - Dreaming the big dream.
You - Receiving compassionate mentorship and coaching to invent the next chapter of your life. 
You - uncovering your unique Superpowers.
You - paddling your way through the mangroves to end up at the ocean!
Amy and Pam are taking a coven of eight badass, righteous, lovely women on the travel adventure of a lifetime!


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  1. make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.

  2. "a bid to rejuvenate the town center"


revive, revitalize, regenerate, breathe new life into, revivify, re-energize, reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, reawaken, put new life into

What its all about:

First, we’ll unpack your stuck places. You already know where they are.  We’re gonna blow them up so they are life-size and easy to see. 

Then you’ll really blow them up! Poof! You won’t believe how ready you’ll be to say bye-bye to that old song and dance.

Next, we’ll head out for a little exploration of the Costa Rican coast and jungle to remind you what adventure feels like. New lands. New views. 

And just like that, you’ll have the space to dream big. Now that you’ve let go of your old story, you’ll be ready to pry off the child-proof cap on that big idea: your heart’s desire, your someday life! Together, we’ll inflate those dreams so they take up space and get real. Magic.

Lastly, you’ll design a plan to bring your dreams to life.  In living color.

You’ll definitely go home reanimated and ready to embrace a new version of your life, and a plan to make it happen along with a vision for your future that will be a source of joy and fulfillment. 

“Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear: I’m not screwing around. All of this pretending and performing – these coping mechanisms that you’ve developed to protect yourself from feeling inadequate and getting hurt – has to go. Your armor is preventing you from growing into your gifts… Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think. You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through your veins. You were made to live and love with your whole heart. It’s time to show up and be seen.”
– Brené Brown



Bodacious food
Tan lines
Spa Massage 
Room to exhale
Renewed life force
Answers to the big question: What now?
Excitement for what’s next 
Spontaneous dance parties

The feeling that YOU are SPECIAL and you are destined for an extraordinary life is not the exclusive province of the young. And it’s never, ever too late to create the life of your dreams and make the contribution you long to make.



"I left the retreat with a feeling of empowerment, determination, and a desire to dare greatly, as well as the tools to make sure I continue … in the weeks and months to come. The accommodations were splendid and the retreat was the perfect combination of hard work, fun stuff, and free time.  I can see myself going again just to help me stay on track, as well as enjoy some quality time with some really fascinating women!"

—  Sharon, Retreat Alum

And when does this begin? Right now! Because when your intention shifts, your actions also shift to meet the intention. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. And it can start right now.  


"The first thing that impressed me was Amy and Pam’s ability to cut through the bullshit and see, by really listening to each one of us, where our record was skipping.  That is, where in our lives a bottleneck had formed that was stopping all of us from 'living our best lives.' Whether it was dealing with impossible family expectations, money, indecision, or fear of striving to do more, Amy and Pam were able to identify the 'story' we each told ourselves that was the root of the bottleneck." 

—  Bobbie, Retreat Alum

Tropical Beauty

From the Pacific Ocean to the mangrove swamps, to the luscious flora and fauna, Costa Rica is geography meant for pleasure-seeking and reflection. This is a land of friendly people, relaxed attitudes, warm sun, long beaches, and lush jungle. You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when you hear the howler monkeys talking to you!


Mangrove Adventure

We’ll set out on kayaks or paddleboards for an excursion through the densely quiet mangrove forest and end up on the beach where we’ll enjoy a yummy fresh food lunch prepared by Bodhi Tree Resort. Then we’ll do a powerful ritual to let your inner wisdom show you the way to what’s next.


Coaching & Mentorship

With the combined experience of four decades of coaching, mentoring and personal development work, Pam and Amy will take you to a newly discovered sweet spot in your psyche!  We operate at the intersection of science and woo-woo to create the perfect blend of reflection, straight talk, brain science and humor to guide you in the direction of your big dreams. You’ll receive special “love seat” time to receive coaching, as well as proven exercises to take your life to the next level.


Visioning and Dreaming

Together, we’ll unpack your story - the one that’s been running you without your permission for years. After that, we’ll bid a heartfelt farewell to that soul-sucking voice, and start dreaming. Surrounded by like-minded women, you’ll write with clarity and honesty about your joys, your bliss, your purpose, and your true north. We promise to weave the work of meditation, journaling, and coaching into each day and every activity. After a week of reflection, you’ll go back to your life with access to wisdom you didn’t know was yours, along with a plan to steer by.


This is an opportunity to create a map for what’s next in YOUR life. 


You’ve paid your dues in full, girlfriend, and it's time to cash in to create the most epic chapter of your life yet.


Dream and vision with us and a sweet circle of women. Commune with your Inner Wisdom and create a plan that's right for YOU


"When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience on retreat with Amy and Pam, my mind inevitably lands on magical, with concrete next steps"

—  Sharon, Retreat Alum


Who is a Perfect Avocado Retreat for?
You, if…

  • You’ve just passed a milestone birthday. 

  • You love your partner, but maybe there’s more to this relationship thing

  • Your children are going from roots to wings

  • You’re really excited about creating the next phase of your life OR,

  • You are doubting the possibility of creating a next phase of your life

  • You are recently divorced, or somewhere on the divorce spectrum

  • You are in a new midlife relationship

  • You are just so ready for the next thing

  • You are ready to take the next step at work

  • You are thinking about the legacy you want to leave at work.

  • You are ready to retire

  • You are coachable

  • You would love a massage treatment at one of the best spas in Costa Rica (ahhhh...) 

  • You’re into tropical cocktails...cause we are! 

  • Twisting by the pool sounds like a good way to end the day!


  • You are looking for a silent meditation retreat.

  • You’d rather keep your panty hose and high heels on.

  • You are not open to being coached.
    You are not open to being coached

  • You have resistance to spirit, spirituality, the universe, science, love, etc, etc.

  • You have untreated mental health issues; we are not therapists. But we encourage you to seek out the help you need to address this challenge.


This retreat will be life affirming - we promise that you’ll go back to your life with new access to wisdom you didn’t even know was yours; with insights that bring you a sense of peace and choice; a plan. Amy and Pam will share the techniques that they have been learning about for years and have implemented on their own journeys. They will help you create a future that calls to you. And yes there will be plenty of time for your to explore Costa Rica with additional excursions or on your own.

You’ll go home with:

  • The three R’s - revived, revitalized, and regenerated.

  • A sense of real excitement for what’s next in your life.

  • A plan to bring the next chapter into reality, and have it be the best one yet!

  • The feeling of being in love...with yourself.


Food & Drink

Come prepared to enjoy delicious, fresh, incredible food and cocktails or mocktails. You’ll be taken care of and waited on by the friendliest staff this side of the equator.


Luxurious Accommodations 

Wake with the howler monkeys, meditate beside gentle streams, and be serenaded by the symphony of the jungle.
Follow gentle paths to your bungalow and be embraced by the calming hand-placed rocks and waterfalls throughout the Bodhi Tree Resort.

Bodhi_LOWRes_297 (1).jpg

Why Bodhi Tree Resort?


  • Over eight acres of landscaped gardens with exotic flowers, 100-year-old Guanacaste and Pochote trees, waterfalls and gentle streams that inspire meditation and reflection. Whenever you wander through our grounds, the sounds of the waterfalls will follow you and quaint sculptures and statues will surprise you at every turn.

  • Modern Balinese furnished bungalows with luxurious bathrooms, dramatic high ceilings with fans, air conditioning, free wifi, Raw Botanical toiletries, Egyptian cotton sheets, linen service, private open-air rainfall showers, outdoor seating areas, and Wi-Fi throughout.

  • Pristine beaches, spectacular sunsets and gentle waves and the most consistent surf breaks of the pacific coast, just a short walk away on a jungle path.

  • Wake with the howler monkeys, meditate beside gentle streams, and be serenaded by the symphony of the jungle. Follow gentle paths to your bungalow and be embraced by the calming hand-placed rocks and waterfalls throughout the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort.


Known for its impressive lush beaches, Nosara is a popular destination among surfers, yogis, families and nature lovers. It is a place of tranquility, natural beauty, consistent waves all year long, and an open multicultural community. The concern with environmental sustainability is part of daily live in Nosara too. And it is located in the Nicoya Peninsula, considered one of the 5 Blue Zones of the world, that is, where people live healthily over 100 years. The locals here can live that long because of the good quality of the air and water, lots of fresh food all year long, their active lifestyle and their deep sense of family.


Nosara’s uniquely beautiful beaches, Guiones, Pelada, Garza, Boca Nosara, are all part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was established to protect the turtles that come each month to Ostional beach for nesting their eggs. For this reason it is forbidden to build on the border of the beach, what has helped with the conservation of the flora and fauna in the refuge, and has kept Nosara the tropical paradise it is.

Why Pam and Amy?

We are especially passionate about working with powerful women and highly creative people in transition. 


We are going on 30 years of friendship (is that even possible?!)

We've talked each other through the heartaches of life: jobs, entrepreneurship, breakups, divorces, death, illness, the full catastrophe! 

And we've walked with each other during the joys of life: marriages, babies, successes, dreams achieved, travel adventures, and so much more.

What Does My Registration Cover?

All you have to do is get yourself to Liberia Airport in Costa Rica.

We’ll take care of the rest!

The Perfect Avocado Costa Rica Retreat price is all-inclusive for food, accommodations, a spa massage, kayak/paddleboard excursion, and transformation!


Your registration includes:

Pre-Retreat Group Coaching Launch Call in May with Pam and Amy

Pre-Retreat Individual Coaching Call with Pam and Amy

Shuttle from Liberia Airport to Bohdi Tree Resort  (2 hours)

Special Welcome gathering

Your private Tree Top room with jungle views

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner each day

Daily sessions with Pam & Amy to clear your mind & create your future

Kayak/Paddleboard excursion

Massage or equivalent  treatment of your choice

Post-Retreat Group Coaching Integration Call with Amy and Pam


You are responsible for travel costs to Liberia Airport, any cocktails, snacks and food (except for the three daily meals provided) and add-on activities or extra nights you choose to enjoy on this epic adventure. If you elect to arrive earlier or later than our group transportation to Nosara Resort, you will be responsible for transportation costs to the resort.

Dr Sharon Washington 2019 Retreat Participant

Dr Sharon Washington 2019 Retreat Participant

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