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Amy Branger is a master networker, an abundance manifester, an enthusiast with a capital E and is wholeheartedly enthusiastic about ideas and people in a way that changes lives for the better.

Pam VanDeursen is a long lasting listener, a way finder, and a seeker from the word go.


Together they have been holding hands through many spiritual, geographic, marital, parental, professional and friendship adventures for over twenty five years. At the twenty five year mark, they began a practice of daily checkins to hold each other accountable to their individual practices and goals. From that practice came the brainchild to hold retreats for each other to more deeply explore their inner lives and pursue purpose. That quickly blossomed into holding retreats for other women as they move through different stages of life.

This site and our work are always antiracist to the best of our ability and current, ever-broadening consciousness. We take our antiracist education seriously and we strive to be a source for your antiracist education. We speak up even when we’re not sure how. We are unabashedly feminist. We talk about what we are for, not what we are against.


The world is changed through women reconnecting to their dreams and actualizing them


Through coaching, retreats, and classes we remind women of their big dreams and guide them in :

  • Identifying obstacles along the way

  • Creating implementation plans to actualize those dreams

  • Ultimately changing their world and THE WORLD in the process 

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