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Once Upon a Time... 

The Story of Your Life

“The story of your life is not your life, it’s your story.” - John Barth. 


Your "story" is a strategy that you came up with when you were vulnerable and young. You created it to deal with uncertainty or perceived threats. That strategy made sense for the age you were then. Now it’s morphed into a distorted overcorrection, and without a doubt it is unconscious. 


In life, there’s what happens and then there’s what we make up about what happened. Here’s an example from everyday life:

I ask my teenage daughter to put the laundry into the dryer so it will be finished before it’s time to leave. I never hear her get up to do it in the other room, so I call to her repeatedly - no response. 

The story:

If you want anything done, you have to do it yourself. No one helps. 

See how that works? It’s so fast and unconscious, I never even got a chance to draw a different conclusion.


In our complimentary Story of Your Life webinar, we start out by clarifying what a story is and explain the brain science behind it. Then we’ll take a look at the "stories" we make up every day, like the one above. With that foundation, we begin to unpack your larger, more complex and deeply seated story.


Maybe you have a clue what your own fractured fairy tale is, but our promise is that at the end of this webinar you will be able to clearly see your own special brand of fiction. From this vantage point you’ll have access to new choices and ways of being in your everyday life.


But here’s what you really need to know - you are not your story. You are so much more than your story. And naming your story is the first step in clearing the way to different choices and different relationships. 


In this focused webinar, we’ll break down what is a story, examine why it matters in your life and guide you towards identifying your own "what’s holding you back story". Understanding your story is integral to shedding it.


What’s included:

  • Four video lessons

  • Powerful and insightful homework

  • Aha! moments

  • Guided meditations and journal prompts

  • Bonus videos, audios & creative prompts offered with each lesson


You’ll takeaway:

  • A feeling of power and freedom

  • A new, deeper sense of self-compassion for your disappointments, embarrassments and even your "failures"

  • A sense of what’s really possible for you

  • Newfound patience for others, in your life and the world


Here’s the deal:

The Story of Your Life is a free webinar series consisting of four 10 minute video lessons. Each lesson will progressively unpack what a "story" is. Using examples from our lives and yours, plus homework, you’ll learn to identify story making in action. Combined with journaling, and meditation you will begin to unconceal your story.  Finally, you get to decide how to move forward with this new formerly hidden information in your back pocket.

Lesson 1 - What the hell is a story?

Lesson 2 - Why does it even matter?

Lesson 3 - What is your story? This is the meaty class!

Lesson 4 - So what are you gonna do about it? 

Join Amy and Pam for their complimentary Story of Your Life webinar to begin shrugging off the old "story" and begin a powerful transition to the future. We are strong believers that change begins the minute you take action. 

To quote Jen Sincero, Take the first step in the direction toward something that feels right and see where it leads you. And do it NOW.

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