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Perfect Avocado produces juicy, transformational retreats for women. Our retreats support women in creating daring, unpredictable futures for themselves and also those who need a bit of help creating a clearer picture of that someday life.


Pam and Amy

Amy Branger is a master networker, an abundance manifester and an enthusiast with a capital E.

Pam VanDeursen is a long lasting listener, a way finder, and a seeker from the word go.


Together they have been holding hands through many spiritual, geographic, marital, parental, professional and friendship adventures for over twenty five years. At the twenty five year mark, they began a practice of daily checkins to hold each other accountable to their individual practices and goals. From that practice came the brainchild to hold retreats for each other to more deeply explore their inner lives and pursue purpose. That quickly blossomed into holding retreats for other women as they move through different stages of life.


More love, more life, more feeling deeply, a transformational shift

Are you ready for a retreat? Well, you are if:

  • You are ready to be seen and heard and recognized

  • You could use a nice dip in the estrogen pool

  • You need some sister love

  • You are ready for something completely different

  • You are looking for your tribe! And it includes beautiful tender, fierce, she bear, philosophers on a spiritual quest that begins inside and is guided by innerwisdom

  • You have a tender little somethin inside you that wants to flower

  • You are tired of pushing the river and want more flow in you life

  • You can feel the corners of your mouth lifting while you are reading this!



Support That Makes a Difference


Executive Coaching with Amy

Amy has extensive experience helping organizations manage through large scale change, strategic planning and executive coaching. She can help you set goals, and achieve them, manage difficult employees, "manage up", determine your strengths and weaknesses and hire accordingly. 

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Life Coaching with Pam

Coming Soon


It’s tempting to be in fantasy about someday. That fuzzy, happy-ever-after when you get the job, the romantic partner, the family. The bank account is full of dough, the house is just right, you are slim and trim + know how to pick perfect avocados.

Andrea Scher