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What is a virtual retreat? In Perfect Avocado land, it’s setting aside 3 - 4 hours just for you, with intention and focus. We gather together using the Google Meet tool, ideally on a computer so that you can be hands-free and readily see the other participants. 

It’s also a peek into the Perfect Avocado mind, meaning to see how Pam + Amy work, together, with others, and you!


In each virtual retreat, we distill one key aspect of our signature week-long in-person retreat into a mini session and do a deep dive in that area. 

You can do this alone in your home, or make it part of a longer personal retreat, even opt for an Airbnb! As long as you have privacy to have honest conversations and reflection, in an environment that lends itself to focus for all participants, the choices are limitless.


We’ll send you information in advance, including technical details, so there’s nothing to stress about. We make it easy for you to focus on you.

Don’t miss this chance to act from your authentic self! No 21 day challenge, no workshops - just three hours, virtually from your own bat cave. But, make no mistake - it’s meaningful and it’s just for you.

All this from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Discover Your Super Power
Manifesting 101

"Pam and Amy create a safe space for new ideas and self-reflections by using humor, stories, and challenging questions. ... I always feel refreshed, grounded, accepted, and a more knowledgeable about what makes me tick. Thank you!"


—  Virtual Retreat Alum

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