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When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience on retreat with Amy and Pam, my mind inevitably lands on magical, with concrete next steps. 


At the beginning of the experience, we were guided to set intentions for the time. Amy and Pam not only led us through the process of identifying our intentions, but also the next steps in achieving those intentions once we went back to our everyday lives. 


As a result, I received possible connections for the publishing of the book I've just finished writing; framed my next book, with the writing of the introduction and conclusion; and, most importantly, discovered and 'broke up with' the "story" that has created an obstacle for my forward movement for all of my life. All of this in four days! 


I highly recommend the Perfect Avocado Retreats!


I am… was... a total skeptic about any real benefits of a retreat that pledged “more love, more life, more feeling deeply” and “a transformational shift,” not to mention the promise that I would be moved toward a life that was fun and always moving forward.  The first thing that impressed me was Amy and Pam’s ability to cut through the bullshit and see, by really listening to each one of us, where our record was skipping.  That is, where in our lives a bottleneck had formed that was stopping all of us from “living our best lives.” Whether it was dealing with impossible family expectations, money, indecision, or fear of striving to do more, Amy and Pam were able to identify the “story” we each told ourselves that was the root of the bottleneck.


I left the retreat with a feeling of empowerment, determination, and a desire to dare greatly, as well as the tools to make sure I can continue to dare greatly in the weeks and months to come. In addition to all that, the accommodations were splendid and the retreat was the perfect combination of hard work, fun stuff, and free time.  I can see myself going again just to help me stay on track, as well as enjoy some quality time with some really fascinating women!


I had an amazing experience at the Perfect Avacado retreat. Amy and Pam led us skillfully through a step by step goal setting process, uncovering who I truly want to be in my life and letting go of what holds me back. 

I bonded with amazing women sharing our stories and dreams while eating incredible food in gorgeous accommodations. I highly recommend gifting yourself this life changing and experience. 


Story of Your Life


Pam and Amy are Awemazing

I appreciated that it made me accountable to the work. I'm not great at prioritizing things for myself, but I know that I hate letting others down so I'll do the work if I know there's a requirement to share, etc.

Setting aside time for myself on Sunday nights when I'm usually soley focused on all I didn't get done over the weekend and what's ahead on Monday.

I liked being in a course with all women who were also of different ages and different phases/places in life. I think more diversity of age and experience the better. I thought it was important to be able to see them to get to know them better. Everyone was very cordial and it seemed that everyone had a chance to contribute.

Amy and Pam - you both did a nice job teaching us how to navigate the process of noticing stories and naming them. You were nice to us even when we couldn't do all our homework so I felt a sense of responsibility to do it -- mostly for myself -- and not obligation. It's important to me to have the information about the brain science. I also thought the approach of writing notes and reviewing what we learned at the last session was an effective method to reinforce the ideas, and I think I held onto them better because of this approach.