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Your Money is Not Your Worth

“Your money is not your worth.” says Tammy Lally. I want to believe that. I really, really, do.

Last week I listened to Tammy Lally’s book The Money Detox, and I was blown away. That's saying something because if you know me, then you know that on my money journey, I have engaged a therapist specifically to look at the source of my money story. And I work with a money coach to develop good habits around minding my money and managing spending. I've made A LOT of progress - I made my last IRS installment payment in August and I am looking to be debt free within six months. I’m a regular on the HerMoney FB group. Most recently, I’m working to get a group of women together to form our own beginners investment group.

So, when I say I was blown away, I want you to know that’s coming from someone who’s been pretty focused on money in many realms, including psychological, for a while now. I am a person who believes that everything is connected. So, I was hooked when Tammy said “If you have money problems, you have a spiritual problem and you need a spiritual solution”.

On my money journey, I’ve been focused on shoring up debt, and being fairly rigorous with my spending. From Eowyn at Plumtree Money, I’m learning to set short term goals AND long term goals. And the short term goals are definitely more fun. Like, I remembered that I’ve always wanted to do a yoga teacher training - not because I want to teach, but because I desire to dive much deeper into my practice. So, I’m opening a ‘sinking fund’ for that, basically an account for short term dreams, in addition to my emergency fund and a Roth IRA. All that is to say that I’ve been trying to get into the groove of the mechanics of money. But, as the U2 song goes, I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

As you can tell, I am deep into blowing up my money story and I invite you to look into your own money story - how did your family talk about money? When my sister and I spoke last night, we realized our family never talked about money. Not about budgeting, not about bills, not about earning it. It really wasn’t something our family talked about.

I knew the next step in getting under the rock that is my money story, I had to work with Tammy. . So I reached out to her and we set up an appointment. After a brief intro where she made me feel at ease, she asked me what my fear is around money? I gulped and told her - and I’m gonna trust and tell you, because Tammy says that so many of us have the same fear - that I will wind up a bag lady. I was pretty shocked to learn that I’m not the only one, so maybe this will resonate with one or two of you…

She described her process for working with clients, and then she told me how much she charges. It got pretty quiet.

“Have you ever spent that much money on yourself?” she asked.

I almost burst out laughing because I was already writing this blog post and planned to pose that very same question. And I would've laughed if I wasn’t fighting to hold my tears back. How could I possibly afford that? But, I know, I just can’t afford not to. To reference back to last week when I wrote about manifesting, I can viscerally feel what it will be like to work with her and come out on the other side. I can feel the freedom.

I’ve already figured out how to make it happen.

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