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Imagination Requires Bravery

Pre-COVID, I used to manage a restaurant. So I get the idea that unless you put in your order, you’re not gettin’ any food, honey. That’s more or less my straightup understanding of how manifesting works. You can’t just sit there at the table and wish for a grilled salmon entree with fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus. You’ve got to read the menu, look ready to order or flag down a server, place your order just how you want it (rare please, extra butter AND garlic aioli) and there's a fair chance you’ll get it. If you sit there all day and don’t put in the order, no salmon is swimming it’s way to you.

So, am I saying that the universe is one big kitchen restaurant waiting for your order? Kinda.

Thoughts matter. That’s why I keep resisting dwelling on the potential awful ramifications of the polarization of our country. I try, with limited success, to think and talk about a resounding democratic win in November, a total shift in our governance to focus on what's really important, a radical change in our approach to and funding of law enforcement, and how we think about mental health. And of course, all things feminist related - health care, domestic violence, choice, the ERA.

Thoughts matter because our actions are guided by our thoughts.

Our philanthropy is based on what we think about. We raise our kids based on what we think is important. Our work ethic is based on what we think is important.

Amy, who is a master manifester, is emphatic that it’s not the same as wishing. It’s really more about allowing yourself to really feel what it would be like to be, do, have the object of your manifesting prowess. Often when you hear folks talking about manifesting, it’s all the good stuff, but we believe it’s really about whatever you think about. Wherever you put your attention. Amy realized that she really was a master manifester when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease after finding herself unable to get out of bed. When her doctor told her she’d probably had it for 10 years, she remembered that 10 years ago was when she was an exhausted mom thinking how great it would be to get really sick she could stay in bed. She thought about over and over for months, maybe even years. The universe is listening. If you want your hamburger burnt, it knows better, but hey, you asked for it…

The universe is listening. That’s why what you think about is critical. Allow yourself to use your big beautiful imagination and really feel into what it would be like to attain that wish, dream, object of your longing. Really feel it as if it’s already done - what are you wearing, what is the weather like, where are you? How do you FEEL? Safe? Free? Satisfied? Write it down in serious detail. Read it every night and take it into your dream life. Everytime you read it again, embellish the dream a little more. Nurture it. Talk about it with confidence and wonder like it’s really gonna happen. This is power, baby! And it’s fun.

Then, what would it be like to take it up a notch? Instead of thinking about your outrage and anger over the patriarchy, imagine your goals for your town and state and this nation, what if they came into fruition? What would that feel like? Isn’t that worth taking ten minutes every day to make manifest? To make light happen? I’m feeling the magic just telling you about this right now!

But it all starts with thoughts. And that’s really fucking challenging because along with living in a culture of white privilege, we live in a culture of misogyny. Meaning that without really even noticing, we’ve grown up thinking that our thoughts and opinions don’t hold the same value as a man’s. For women of color, it’s pretty easy to see that they are even more challenged because our culture makes it triple hard for them. The imagination part of this equation requires bravery. It can seem crazy to imagine something totally outside the norms of your everyday life. That’s transcendence. And it can work.

Every visionary you know of is a master manifester.

For real guidance from a master, email for a free one hour coaching session.

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