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Investing in yo'self

Oh boy, investing in yourself. Treating yourself to a retreat, spending the money, taking the time away from your life to look at your life and gain some perspective, plus have some fun! Wow, that can sound pretty indulgent. I personally have a really hard time making this kind of decision. It feels like, um, selfish, right?

And the truth is, it is indulgent and maybe even selfish. I spend my ‘spare’ money on my kids, and my partner is always feeling like we don’t spend enough time together, so it’s tricky to make a decision to go on retreat.

But here’s another truth - when I do decide to spend the money or take the time, everybody gets a better version of me upon my return. My sweetheart gets a sweeter me. My children get a more compassionate mother who has increased bandwidth for problem-solving. My work benefits, because my mind is broadened and I’m ready to play full out. When I focus on myself for a few days, I have become focused on my long term dreams and they actually seem possible, and guess what? I’m happier. That means I’m also happier with them and with my life in general.

As I prepared to write this post, I remembered an old tag line for L’Oreal hair color - ‘because I’m worth it’. The memory made me smile so I googled it and found this video about the history of the tag line. I realized that ‘I’m worth it’ isn’t the opposite of I’m not worthy - it’s the opposite of self-doubt.

Going on a Perfect Avocado Retreat Perfect Avocado Retreat is a chance to see that there are possibilities for living more deeply and in more fulfilling ways. It’s the opportunity to lift your head up above the worry and autopilot that is most of life and to visualize a different way of being in the world that is not predictable. Space is created for being excited about the future and moving forward in brand new ways. It’s about creating what you REALLY want, and what REALLY excites you!

It’s the opposite of self-doubt.

So, is that worth the investment? Money is tricky. It’s okay to spend money on things, but it can be a challenge to spend money on recentering ourselves. That seems ephemeral and elusive. What will you have to show for your money? A new grounding truth for life. Something pinned down that seemed unimaginable. Excitement for a someday life that seemed out of reach.

Registration for our May retreat closes March 29th. Are you Worth It.?

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