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Hellooooo there Design Mom Fans!

If you are reading this and you are a Design Mom Fan, then you no doubt already know that our very own Amy was featured this week on the Design Mom weekly series Living with Kids.

Amy is a pretty compelling character and now you’ve seen the awesome digs that bring her so much joy.

Welcome to Perfect Avocado Retreats!

Before we press on, let’s introduce ourselves. We’re Pam and Amy, two longtime friends who just want to have fun and change the world, chicks first.

How are we doing that? Currently, we have two offerings. The first is The STORY of Your Life e-course. We meet online for 4 weeks to uncover the really insidious and largely disguised STORY that each of us has been telling ourselves for decades. This is the voice that keeps you from taking big leaps of faith, that thinks it’s easier for everyone else, or that says you have no needs. All the things that it’s so easy to see in our friends, but pretty challenging to see for ourselves. It’s an eye-opening and liberating experience.

The second offering is the original Perfect Avocado Retreat. This is where we get women out of their homes, their routines and their heads so ultimately they can get out of their own way! That is to say, we take them on a retreat. While they are having every need addressed in a sumptuous location, we begin with coaching them through the work of identifying their STORY and then break up with it forever! It’s very dramatic. Then, using meditation, journal prompts, and gentle confronting, ladies transition from ideas that would be nice someday, to the awesome realization of what it would be like to live into their big dreams. And then the kicker, the thing that sets us apart, we guide them with a plan to implement those dreams. All that followed up with a personal coaching session.

Lastly, Amy and Pam also offer personal coaching sessions. We are there to support women once they’ve shed this excess baggage. Amy also offers executive coaching, strategic planning, and change management coaching.

At Perfect Avocado Retreats, our mission is to change women’s lives so that they can change the world.

Curious? Upcoming dates:

Mondays, February 10, 17, 24, and March 2

Sundays, February 16, 23, March 1 and 8

May 1, 2, 3, 4, Arrive on April 30.

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