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More love, more life, more feeling deeply, a transformational shift

Perfect Avocado produces juicy, transformational retreats for women. We  move women toward lives that are fun and moving forward. Toward adventure and power and hearts filled with love. Toward hope and positivity. Toward something that isn’t already gonna happen. Our retreats support women in creating daring, unpredictable futures for themselves and also those who need a bit of help creating a clearer picture of that someday life.

November retreat NOW OPEN!

November 6-8 2020 (arrival day November 5)

Registration closes October 1

Are you ready for a retreat? Well, you are if:

  • You are ready to be seen and heard and recognized

  • You could use a nice dip in the estrogen pool

  • You need some sister love

  • You are ready for something completely different

  • You are looking for your tribe! And it includes beautiful tender, fierce, she bear, philosophers on a spiritual quest that begins inside and is guided by innerwisdom

  • You have a tender little somethin inside you that wants to flower

  • You are tired of pushing the river and want more flow in you life

  • You can feel the corners of your mouth lifting while you are reading this!


We are hear to listen deeply, and to support you in your journey. Most importantly, we’re here to encourage you to touch into your own feminine wisdom to guide you. We combine reflective time, journaling, meditation, tarot, coaching with exploration, girlie adventures and relaxation. After a Perfect Avocado Retreat, you’ll go home feeling exhilerated about yourself, ready to make choices from a deep gut wisdom - and also, relaxed and connected.




  1. make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.

  2. "a bid to rejuvenate the town center"


revive, revitalize, regenerate, breathe new life into, revivify, re-energize, reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, reawaken, put new life into

Okay then get ready, because you’re starting now. Together, we’ll unpack your story - the one that’s been running you without your permission for years. Then you’ll say sayonara to that tired old rant and start dreaming. In the company of your newfound soul sisters, you’ll write with clarity and honesty about your joys, your bliss, your purpose, and your true north. We promise to weave the work of meditation, journaling, and coaching into each day and every activity on the inspiring and craggy coast of Maine. You’ll reflect on your own innate wisdom, drink tea, and unwind; by the end of this retreat, you’ll go back to your life with new access to wisdom you didn’t know was yours.


At the Rockland Talbot House, literally right out of a Hopper painting, you’ll create a life you love and a future that calls to you. You will have found your perfect avocado. You’ll return home relaxed, regenerated, and ready.

And when does this begin? Right now! Because when your intention shifts, your action also  shifts to meet the intention. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. And it can start right now. Start my someday life right now!

At the upcoming Perfect Avocado Retreat, you will explore the rugged beauty of the wild Maine coast, feel the salty wind in your hair, listen to the rhythm of the waves, and gaze out on the horizon - full of possibility and promise.  We’ll explore the watery world of feelings alongside some of the strongest tides in the world, so expect to feel the pull of the moon in your own constitution. The rugged coastline serves as a geographic metaphor for the evolution and transformation in our own lives. The natural beauty found here allows you to recognize and set free your own inner wild girl. This is an old part of our country, with lots of good New England history - the perfect background for creating your own new herstory and future. The most obvious New England symbol of transformation and rebirth--the renown autumn colors against the ocean, wild and teeming with life--is the perfect setting for your own sea change.


Rockland Harbor, Maine is home to more windjammers than any other port in the country, a living testimony to the adventurous sailing spirit still thriving here. In fact, Rockland owes its history to the shipbuilding industry, and no doubt was home to many seafaring families. While sailors and fishermen headed out to sea, the women stayed behind to run the show. Some things never change. But you aren’t one of them! We’ll find our way to the Rockland Breakway Lighthouse, and contemplate leaving the known and heading toward a shining lit up future. And here, you’ll discover  your personal lighthouse to light your way. 


We’ll stay at the Talbot House, a grand home featured in a famous 1928 Edward Hopper painting. Today it remains an historic architectural beauty inspiring a new age of artists. And, Rockland isn’t just one of the sweetest little cities in America but also one of the country’s top small “foodie” towns and the top adventure town in Maine. We’ll be at the center of it all in the Talbot House!


Rockland Talbot House is walking distance to Rockland Harbor; the Farnsworth and Maine Contemporary art museums; and Rockland’s historic Main Street filled with local galleries, unique shops, and many great restaurants. Immerse yourself in the vibrant food, adventure, and art scene that thrives in the coastal town of Rockland.

Maine is calling, time to answer the phone!

Local and sustainable foods, succulent lobster, and fresh seafood are prepared in various cuisines from a myriad of small chef-owned restaurants walking distance from our Rockland, Maine bed and breakfast. Rockland has vibrant food scene that rivals much larger cities. According to the Rock Coast Maine restaurant guide, this area has more restaurants per capita than any other location in the U.S. Additionally, Rockland was previously named one of the Top Nine Best Small Cities for Food by, and is the self-proclaimed lobster capital of the world. This area is a must stay for foodies, locavores, and just people who enjoy good food. You’ll enjoy incredible Rockland restaurants during your visit to Midcoast Maine!

This retreat will be life affirming - we promise that you’ll go back to your life with new access to wisdom you didn’t even know was yours, with insights that bring you a sense of peace and choice. On the craggy and inspirational Maine coast, Amy and Pam will share techniques they have been learning about for years and implemented on their own journeys. They will help create a life you love and a future that calls to you. And yes, there will be chocolate.


  • First we’ll unpack your stuck places. You already know where they stick. . We’re gonna blow them up so they are life size and easy to see. Or rather, you are - via journaling and compassionate coaching.

  • Then we’re gonna really blow them up! Bam! You won’t believe how ready you’ll be to say bye bye to that old song and dance.

  • Then we’ll head out for a little exploration of the Maine coast to remind you what adventure feels like. New lands. New views. New future, unlike what was supposed to happen.

  • Finally once that’s done you will have the space to dream big. Now that you’ve let go of your old story, you’ll be ready to pry off the child proof cap on the big idea: your heart’s desire, your someday life! Together, we’ll inflate those dreams so they take up space and get real. Magic.

  •  You’ll put some air into those dreams and along with activities designed just for you. You’re definitely going to go home reanimated and ready to embrace a new version of your life, with a vision for your future that will be a source of joy and fulfillment.




  1. We’ll dine at Primo Restaurant - named as one of the top ten best farm-to-table restaurants in the United States. It also claims the first two-times James Beard Best Chef of the Northeast. The chef, Melissa Kelly, has been recognized as one of the top 20 chefs influencing today’s restaurants and food scene. The menu changes nightly depending on what’s in season and fresh, and includes seafood, fish, pasta, and their specialty Pork Saltimbocca.

  2. We at Perfect Avocado Retreats believe in the transformational powers of chocolate, hence there will be a visit to Bixby & Co. This is a family-owned and operated chocolate confectionery founded by Kate and Donna McAleer a mother-daughter team in late 2011. In 2017, Bixby & Co. became the first bean-to-bar in Maine. From a lowly cocoa bean to the sensual dark chocolate, seriously, that’s real transformation.

  3. Onsite custom bra fitting, because a good foundation is required for a long and happy future. The mission is to find the best fitting bras and undergarments to meet your needs*  And we all need some support.

  4. To get outside and move those bodies we'll hike along the coast to Breakwater lighthouse.

  5. And each day you will have some time to yourself to explore the possibilities of Rockland - dining, spas, shopping, history, and art. All according to your whims and desires.


  • You’ve just passed a milestone birthday. Pick a decade, any decade…

  • You love your partner, but maybe there’s more to this relationship thing

  • Your children are going from roots to wings

  • You’re really excited about creating the next phase of your life

  • You are doubting the possibility of creating a next phase of your life

  • Your fifth and sixth decades….meh

  • You are recently divorced, or thinking about it, or on the divorce spectrum

  • You are in a new midlife relationship

  • You are just so ready for the next GD thing

  • You are ready to take the next step at work

  • You are coachable



  • If you are not willing to get out of the box

  • You are not open to coaching

  • You have resistance to spirit, spirituality, the universe, science, love, etc, etc.

  • You are depressed. This is not treatment for clinical depression; we are not therapists. But we encourage you to seek out the help you need to address this challenge.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash austin-

What’s Included, all this PLUS transformation:

  • 3 nights at the Rockland Talbot House/Berry Manor Inn

  • Friday and Saturday breakfast lunch and dinner. Sunday breakfast and lunch.

  • Wine with sumptuous dinner

  • Excursions - possibilities include:

    • Bean to Bar Chocolate Tasting

    • Olive Oil Tasting

    • Bra Fitting

  • Post retreat coaching call with Amy and Pam

  • Pre and Post retreat group call

  • Private facebook group for you and your new besties


Just so you know, this stuff is NOT included:

  • Thursday dinner

  • Bras you purchase during the fitting

  • Spa treatments

  • Adult beverages other than wine with dinner

  • Museum entrances

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