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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We feature one of our favorite segments from Weekend Wisdom - the weekly newsletter of Perfect Avocado Retreats every Thursday. If you want more content like this subscribe to our Weekend Wisdom Newsletter here.

I heard Tammy Lally on a Ted Talk several years ago. It’s an amazing, moving journey that connects the dots between our spiritual life and our financial life. I heard the talk, called Amy while I was still in the car and shared it with her. She listened to it, got the book, and hired Tammy as a counselor. I am FINALLY reading the book and what the hell was I waiting for? I have done therapy around money, I am working with the wonderful Plumtree to really get a handle on money and I feel like this book Money Detox is the icing on the cake of my money story. I dealt with my thinking, my actual management, and now my spirit. She totally speaks my language in that we are all connected - but I never thought I’d be reading that in a book about money! She references some of my sheros - Marianne Williamson, Brene Brown, plus she’s given me so many other great reads about money including The Soul of Money which addresses our overriding scarcity mentality about money. I own at least one copy of The Money Detox, I have it on Audible, I have her weekly slack call on my calendar (which I have NEVER used!). #whenthestudentisreadytheteacherappears. Thanks for waiting for me, Tammy!

We are so excited that Tammy will be joining us for our first book group meeting December 12 at 5:39 pm eastern. We think you'll really get a lot out of meeting Tammy and learning about money stories and money shame.

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