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Weekend Wisdom Favorites

We feature one of our favorite segments from Weekend Wisdom - the weekly newsletter of Perfect Avocado Retreats every Thursday. If you want more content like this subscribe to our Weekend Wisdom Newsletter here.

GenX finally getting some attention: If you are a member of Generation X (1965-1980) you are used to being forgotten and overlooked. In January CBS News famously left us completely off a graphic of the generations, seemingly not even noticing the gap in years. That’s why it was such a treat a few months ago to read a book entirely about GenX. Why We Can't Sleep: Women's New Midlife Crisis by Ada Calhoun, isn’t really about sleep. It’s someone finally taking a deep dive into the experiences of this generation. I thought of it again this week because Ada Calhoun was interviewed on the podcast Spawned, by the women behind Cool Mom Picks, both of which I also highly recommend. If you’re a GenXer and want to finally get some attention to your experiences, I highly recommend this book.

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