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Weekend Wisdom Favorites

We feature one of our favorite segments from Weekend Wisdom - the weekly newsletter of Perfect Avocado Retreats every Thursday. If you want more content like this subscribe to our Weekend Wisdom Newsletter here.

I am highlighting Rakuten this week. The bonus amount is usually $20. When we included it in Weekend Wisdom it was $40 which is pretty rare. Right now it's $30. It's a good time to sign up!

Cash Back: I’ve known about Rakuten for years but never participated. I recently signed up because they had a $40 cash back bonus. How Rakuten works is they partner with websites where you shop anyway. When you are planning to shop you start at the Rakuten sight and navigate to your store from there. Then Rakuten pays you a percentage of what you spent. The percentages vary but some can be quite high (20% even). They make it easy with an extension you can add to your browser. When you go to a sight they partner with you will see a pop up with the percent you get back from that store. The $40 sign up bonus is back through 12/31! Use this link to join. As soon as you spend $40 dollars you will see a $40 credit in your account (note they actually pay you quarterly). If you use my link I will also get $40 cash back. The reason I resisted Rakuten in the past was I didn't want them to have my data. I realize now everywhere I shop has so much data on me I may as well get some cash for it! ~ Amy

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