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Weekend Wisdom Favorites

We feature one of our favorite segments from Weekend Wisdom - the weekly newsletter of Perfect Avocado Retreats every Thursday. If you want more content like this subscribe to our Weekend Wisdom Newsletter here.

Move your body and have fun!: One of my new favorite Instagram follows, the Middle Aged Goddess posted a fun video last week where she was exercising/dancing to the Mama Mia album. Those songs and that movie are guaranteed to put me in a good mood so I had to investigate. Turns out she was watching the YouTube channel Aqua Jade. Let me tell you, I don't remember when I’ve had so much fun working out! I am so into these short, easy fun workouts. So far I have done the MAMMA MIA! DANCE WORKOUT, DISCO DANCE PARTY 70S/80S MUSIC and the 30 minute Sweaty - 80s Dance Workout. I can’t wait to try more. ~Amy

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