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We like to say that we operate at the intersection of science and woo woo.

Google women's retreats and you’ll find a dazzling array of types of retreats for us. Here’s what I found: writing retreats, breathwork retreats, ubiquitous yoga retreats, religious retreats, cleanse retreats, cooking retreats, retreats for moms, spiritual retreats and spa retreats. Fingers crossed, we’re hoping to offer OUR retreat this coming April, so I want to tell you a little about what we do and who this is for.

So what’s a Perfect Avocado Retreat all about? We like to say that we operate at the intersection of science and woo woo.

There are so many retreats out there, how to choose? Well, ours does involve writing, and reflections, and meditation, and dancing, and tarot and of course brain science. So, maybe we’re a writing, meditation, dancing, tarot, brain science retreat? Seriously, though, that’s spelling it all out. Candles, cards, probing questions, contemplation, teachings, deep recognition. It’s a bliss out with science.

Amy and I have combined teachings and exercises that are designed to help you uncover the stories swirling around in your brain all the time with luxury accommodations, and copious amounts of time to wander, reflect, nap or relax. There are also fun girlie adventures, tarot cards, meditations and lot’s of journaling and talking it out. You are always treated with an aspect of love and deep care while you bravely do this hunkering down and figuring it out.

We also talk about the brain science behind your stuck places - like why is it so hard to change, even when you really want to? Why is it so hard to move in the direction of your dreams when the longing is palpable. What is the challenge to becoming the grounded, calm, woman of equanimity of your imagination? It is helpful to understand your very own brain, and it is beautiful to be with these lessons with an intimate circle of empathetic women on the same path, asking the same questions.

We start by centering in and creating the sacred space to allow us all to shed the world of commitments and obligations and let this particular time come into focus. And then we begin the work of uncovering your story. It’s always a challenge to explain this, but today, let’s think of it as a memory to which you have attached charged energy. You can’t really work with that energy until you have realized that you have that going on! That work is at the very crux of our work together.

And there are rewards. It’s not just challenging work - there is no greater delight than being witness to a struggling woman who suddenly finds freedom from the story that’s been dominating her life choices.

I started out this post with a list of many kinds of retreats for women. If there are so many types of retreats, then there must be women for each one of them. Perfect Avocado Retreats are for one kind of woman - one with the desire to pursue her own north star.

The time you spend in this retreat is a getaway from the rest of your life, it’s a break in the action, in exquisite surroundings, with excellent dining opportunities complete with adult beverages and lot’s of laughter. I like to say this is a retreat for women from the real world.

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