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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Coach

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Earlier this COVID season, my husband and I delighted ourselves by going on a repair and reuse binge. With the assistance of YouTube and a few inexpensive parts, we’ve been able to repair our mini fridge, our vacuum cleaner and our ancient microwave. However, when it came to the snowblower, we just couldn’t figure it out and YouTube couldn't either. So, it’s off to the repair shop or more accurately the repairman/woman.

Because that’s what you do when you don’t know how to do something that you need to do - you hire someone that does.

If these are life skills we’re talking about, you might go to school. But, if you’re trying to level up at work, or make an unprecedented move in your life? There’s no course for that. If you’re lucky, you might have a mentor. Chances are, you might need to hire a coach. Back in the day, I used to say that even Michael Jordan has a coach. Now, my new evolved self says, even Serena Williams has a coach. I mean, please, I’m clear that they both have natural talent that put them way ahead of the curve, but still.

Here’s my top 10 reasons you need a coach:

  1. They make sure you are well prepared.

  2. They are your mindset maven - always bringing you back to your commitment.

  3. They know what makes you great.

  4. They help you to develop a strategy so you’re focused on the long term and don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the short term.

  5. They are patient with you and for you.

  6. They hold you accountable to your commitment.

  7. They are positive and encouraging, AND they have a game plan.

  8. They are willing to deal with your passive aggressive, manipulating, rationalizing self.

  9. They give you permission and the freedom to be great.

  10. They are willing to work with your strengths AND your character flaws.