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The Magic of Christmas 2.0

This time last year I wrote about the magic of Christmas and I really liked that piece so I considered reposting it this year. But, as I reviewed it, I realized that was a completely (mostly) different time - we were all on the verge of a Zoom Christmas, and it didn’t seem quite right for this new phase of our pandemic. Now, for those of us who are vaccinated, and, well, I guess even if you aren’t, we’re gathering. We are with our families and friends with a bit less fear. We are not afraid to be with those we love.

But, I find that I do like thinking about the magic of Christmas. I’ll reprise one part of the post from last year - according to Christmas-time allows us to sense, with awe and wonder, the majesty of the world around us.

Since I reread that, I keep going back to it in my mind. This time of year allows us to sense, with awe and wonder, the majesty of the world around us. It brings tears to my eyes that we need a reason. Here we are on the only known planet in the universe to support life as we know it, and we need a reason to behold the majesty of the world around us.

In New Mexico, I walked upon dunes of white gypsum, which is what sheetrock is made of! In the same state, mere hours away, I saw a valley of black lava flow from an eruption 5000 years ago. And then there are the incredible rock formations - you really want to know all about geology in New Mexico. In your state, I promise you, there are wonders of equal magnificence. On our walk today, in the tiny little state of Vermont, I was surprised to see a yard filled with bright green grass - in December! What a wonder!

Christmas magic can be so ephemeral and slight, and yet we’re blown away at some unexpected generosity. A chance encounter. A kind word just when it’s needed. When someone makes an effort on your behalf. Feeling special. A windfall. The perfect gift. The ability to give the perfect gift. We swoon!

And yet, we barely look up and notice that our planet is careening through space at unimaginable speed. That giant oaks grow from acorns. That tulips come back year after year. We completely take for granted our existence in the universe. Trust me, when you stop and think about every single thing that had to line up just so in order for a family of four to exist together, let alone sit down to Christmas dinner - it’s pretty much a statistical impossibility. The idea that evolution evolved that way it did so that a glass of eggnog with rum in it could be consumed by you? It’s just so unlikely. Think for just a few minutes and I promise, your mind will be completely and utterly blown.

So, yeah - bring on the god-damned awe and wonder baby! We are surrounded by the motherfucking majesty of our place and time and existence.

Maybe the magic of Christmas, for those of us who celebrate, is really about the intention to look for and realize the awe, wonder, and majesty that 100% exists for each of us at any given moment.

Amy believes that the REAL Santa Claus is the one in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. In my house, I know who the real Santa is, and she’s also responsible for the Christmas feast. Awe. Wonder. Majesty. It’s what’s for dinner.

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