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New Moon in Cancer

Whew, it’s hot here in Vermont - that’s not a phrase that you hear very often, but it’s certainly true.

With the heat, I find myself slowing way down and really diving into the slowness that COVID has brought into my life. While Amy and I have been working diligently on all things Perfect Avocado, I find that the rest of the time, I long to contemplate, read, write, and think. I tend to chafe against that inclination and fill my life with work, projects and busy work. Lately when I spend the day that way, I feel some dissatisfaction at the end of the day. With that in mind, it was a balm to my system to receive my horoscope in my inbox from Chani Nichols, an astrologer featured in the NYT, Rolling Stone and the New Yorker, to name a few. Her words counsel me to sink into that desire for reflection. And that feels so necessary, given that the world keeps serving up so much to digest this summer. I am in love with the opportunity to reflect rather than just be in constant reaction. I feel like my cortisol level must be through the roof. The news leaves me angry, frustrated, confused and often a little doubtful about our species. So, thank you to Chani for permission to tune into a different mode, just in time for the new moon tonight.

I felt compelled to share this with you, friends, because I think the next six months are not going to be any easier than the last. This year is a doozy, and I think your cortisol levels are probably off the charts too. I’m a big fan of self care, but that's not what I’m talking about today. I’m talking about turning off Netflix, stop shopping on Amazon, and put down your phone. Maybe pick up paper and pen, after you’ve given yourself a chance to think about what life might be like on this day next year. Try to give yourself a minute to take in the first half of this year. What version of yourself do you want to show up? Or what version of yourself does the world need? Imagine your strengths, your super powers as we like to call them - what do you need to lean into in order to bring your best self forward and offer the best for our world. As you read books, listen to podcasts and watch films to facilitate your antiracist education, what can we do differently to effect a different future?

In this time of polarization, it’s been challenging for me to not join in and go to my own extreme opinionating - but that hasn't gotten us where we want to go. At least I don’t think so. I’ve been overwhelmed by the 24 hour news cycle and simultaneously embarrassed when I duck out of it. It’s been a challenge for my relationship - I just don’t have much compassion and patience for connecting because I’m just too busy worrying. When I read my horoscope, written in all affirmations it felt perfect for this week and this time. In my personal life, her last line left me slack jawed. I’m sharing my horoscope below and I hope you take a minute to check out your's.

Back to the new moon! New moons are for making wishes and dreaming. Tonight, take some time and consider your very own new moon wishes. Find a quiet place, gather your materials, and breathe. Spend some time reflecting on what you desire, then write it down, or draw it. This new moon, try to bring the whole world into your wishes. Really imagine dreams coming true. Don’t forget to send appreciation and gratitude out to the universe, like it’s already done!

Cancer & Cancer Rising

May I be able to dismantle the obstacles that are in the way of my courage. May I refuse to be held captive by the bullies of my inner world. May the trolls I face be unable to halt my progress. Belittling others is no way to make change.

Cruelty is disavowed of the privilege of building a home in my being.

With this New Moon, I remember the power of thinking critically and kindly. Both are possible at the same time and in fact, when incorporated, are far more powerful than on their own. I ask that generosity be the principle that guides me so that I never feel justified in stripping anyone of their dignity or humanity in order to make a point.

I do not want to recreate what the systems of punishment do. In the smallest of my interactions, I seek to maintain my boundaries and my humanity.

I know that relationships are a hotbed of pleasure and frustration. Dealing with other humans is not a simple endeavor but if I want to learn how to do it deftly, I need to know how to hold even the most charged conversations with copious amounts of patience.


Pam + Amy

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