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It's not you, it's me. No, it's YOU!

Greetings Superstar! I’ve been thinking about you all week!

On the advice of my chiropractor/acupuncturist and personal influencer, I purchased some Chill Tonic from Rasa and it arrived towards the end of the week. The best part of opening this package was the first line on the back of the bag. It reads like this: Breathe down to your bones. Close your eyes. Feel the edges of your feet. Calm is whispering to you in sweet blue words: “Relax, you stunning constellation of cellular perfection.”

Yeah! And that’s just how I feel about you.

In the last few weeks, I’ve heard either directly, or through the grapevine, some super nice and encouraging words from ya’ll. For me, there isn’t anything better than hearing that some little tidbit from Weekend Wisdom was just the thing for you, or that something here in the blog made you tear up or laugh out loud. I mean that’s the whole idea, but when I sit down every week, I’m just speaking my mind and hoping it lands somewhere. It’s all on faith, but It’s the sweetest feeling when I hear that it actually did land just the way I’d hoped.

Yeah, so, back to you. It’s a real slice of heaven to feel like there’s a righteous little coven of badass women who are with me. Every time I high five my reflection - I’m hoping that you are doing it too. When I just have to get up from my desk and throw myself a little 30 second dance party a la Yang and Grey - I’m pretty sure that you are right there with me. Whether I’m working on falling in love with myself, or adoring my grandson, or grieving for the loss of my dad, I'm thinking about you. So, this week, I want to share my admiration of, my joy with, and my love for...YOU!

My screensaver is an image of you in words. It’s my representation of what I think you’re thinking about, the questions you’re asking, your desires. You’ve got burning questions, you’re curious, you crave connection, you are looking for ways to express your authentic self, you need some me-time, you want clarity and you are possibly sick of hot flashes. You’re wondering What now?

All this is just to say, I just think you’re awesome. Wait, scratch that, I KNOW you’re awesome. You are helpful and smart. Soooo patient. Funny, and fun. I love your taste in music, libations and food. I see your attentive eyes, with the crinkly smile lines, and your big openhearted smile full of wisdom. I can hear your kind words whispering “you GO girl”. Cause that’s who we are for each other, right? That’s just what stunning-constellations-of-cellular-perfection do!

No blog post has ever been easier to write than this one. This one is practically writing itself - I'm just so glad you’re here.

As I sit here, I’m listening to a playlist from Mary Chapin Carpenter and I keep thinking that you’d like this one and that one. And then I thought what could be better than closing out with a mini playlist for a mini dance party. This is just to get you started. Here you go, sweetness, first the: ultimate Yang and Grey dance party jam. This one is REALLY how I feel about you.

Then, because Mary Chapin Carpenter was my inspiration today, here she is doing.

And no dance party or wedding reception is complete without C&C Music Company's Gonna Make You Sweat I defy you to listen to this just once.

That’s the beginning of my mixtape for you. Mix tapes are how we know it’s real.

Love ya! Mean it!

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