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Hello New Decade

Like many of you, I rang in the new year with some old friends, some new friends, and my sweetheart. We ate heartily from the amazing array of hors d'oeuvres, consumed creative cocktails from my hosts ‘Cocktail Lab’ and shared stories from 2019. It was a perfect setting to enjoy each other’s company and that extra special warmth as we watched the snow coming down outside. With the help of Code Names - a new game to all of us, we were able to stay up to the midnight hour.

At 20 minutes to midnight, I asked my circle of old and fresh new friends, what word would they choose to go into the new year. What one word would they pick to hold in their minds for this new year?

Their responses were interesting and intriguing. Not surprisingly, several friends are feeling apprehensive around the politics of our country specifically and the world in general, and their words reflect that. Some of their words were very personal.

Change Precipice Restart Engage Healing Revolution Movement Fight

When I look at the words standing alone like this, I realize that they are all personal, because the words on their own don’t convey the real meaning behind them. I vowed to my friends I wouldn’t publish their stories - it was a spur of the moment question after all. So in keeping that promise, I’m not at liberty to share the stories behind the words. But I can share mine, and my word is Collaborate.

I’ve slowly come to realize this year how my own ‘controlling’ ways really don’t serve me. No matter how pure and sincere the intention is behind it, that controlling nature is just getting in the way of the real connection that I desire, especially with my most loved ones. And, I’ve come to see that one of my biggest complaints about others is that they aren’t collaborating with me. That’s actually code for, they aren’t going along with my plan. Ouch.

So, I’m attempting a big shift - asking my circle of beloveds how they would like things to go and work towards actually making plans that meet all our expectations, needs, wants and desires. That is definitely something new! Because, as it turns out, I don’t actually know best. And I know I really need this word Collaborate, because even as I’m typing this, I notice I have doubt. Without my constant direction, will we just devolve into an entropy pile? Will we ever leave the house? Eat anything other than pizza? Will my own needs, wants and desires be met? Yikes!

So I’m making a little ditty out of it, sung to the tune of Three Dog Night’s Celebrate, Celebrate, dance to the music. Mine is, Collaborate, collaborate…. Dance to the music! Sing it with me now! I’m looking forward to this new way of being in the world, it’s my own personal experiment and I am resolved to play this collaboration game!

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