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Girl's Night Out

The weather report says that we’re getting our first serious snow storm this coming week. That knowledge brings on a feeling of gratitude for the most remarkable bouquet of flowers in my dining room. These beauties were a thank you gift from a dear friend who launched us on a beautiful new offering from Perfect Avocado Retreats. Our friend, who I’ll call Shoshana, had previously participated in our Super Powers Virtual Retreat, and decided to spend her COVID birthday in a mini retreat with her close but far flung friends in a virtual birthday party which we hosted.

Amy used this brilliant idea as an opportunity to unleash her mighty powers as an event planner from a previous life, and we threw ourselves into it. A signature Super Power cocktail was invented just for this event - complete with rose petals as garnish. Individual packets of joy were sent out via USPS complete with confetti, journal, cocktail ingredients, plus crown, and party favors for the birthday child.

Our standard Super Powers retreat was completely customized for Shoshana to include time for friends to acknowledge the birthday girl and wish her loving greetings and also introduce themselves and tell us how they were related to the guest of honor.

After we delved into the superpowers for each guest, everyone reintroduced themselves, but this time in the context of their newly realized superpowers. It was amazing how the vibe shifted from giddy and chatty to warm, intimate and inviting. The next two hours flew by and I had come to feel like I knew these women, and really, really did not want to ‘leave the meeting’. More importantly, this group of women, loosely connected through their friend felt more bonded due to her vulnerability and fearlessness.

In the morning, we received a call from Shoshana who was so blown away she couldn’t hold back tears of gratitude and love, unmistakable even over the phone. She felt so completely held by her friends - that they would risk the new and potentially woo woo experience of this mini retreat, just for her. The love and true friendship she’d felt was almost too much to contain in one human body. For Amy and I, it was the same, being with these women from all across the country that we didn’t even know to witness their honesty and perfect affection via the strange and wonderful magic of the internet.

For a few short hours, we all participated in a little bliss fest.

And so, we are pleased to offer a new possibility for friends to be together in a meaningful, memorable way even during these COVID times. A custom virtual event that allows for more than the trading of news and stories, but also opportunities for intimate sharing and authentic celebration. If this sounds just like what the doctor ordered, please send an email to and we’ll get back to you with details and pricing. For our beloved followers, we want you to enjoy this new kind of good time, so we are extending a 50% discount for the Super Powers Virtual Retreat THIS WEEKEND to check out the retreat (coupon code GNO50). Then, if you schedule a Girls Night Out in the next 30 days, for anytime within 2021, we’ll apply what you paid towards your Girls Night Out.

My beautiful ‘thank you’ bouquet started out as a dozen velvety red roses mixed with mostly closed lilies. As the roses opened to their full glory, a few of the lilies peeked open to create pink stars among the red velvet. Today, the lilies are in full bloom and they tower over the roses, now past their prime. I believe this is the third full week that I’m enjoying these blossoms and every time I walk past them, I am reminded of the time that sparked this gift and I feel awash in gratitude, love and beauty. I hope you can join us for this unique friendship experience.

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