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First Annual Gratitudes List

Here it is folks, our First Annual Gratitudes List! Please remember to jot down a few of the things that you are grateful for and put them in the comments - we really want to hear from you.

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.” Anonymous

As promised last week, here’s our joint list of gratitudes. Our hope is that you take a few minutes and write your own long list of things for which you are grateful.

Here are a few of the things Pam is so very grateful for:

  1. My children - all of them in my patchwork family.

  2. My sweetheart, who is my partner and playmate.

  3. My dear sweet friends who make sense of the world for me.

  4. My babylicious grandson, aka, littlest guru or Mr. Wonderful!

  5. Hiking and enjoying the bountiful beauty that nature has to offer.

  6. I’m grateful for you, Dear Reader!

  7. I’m grateful for Perfect Avocado Retreats, it’s the work that keeps me in the work!

  8. To be in Santa Fe for the month and the ability to take advantage of this opportunity.

  9. My new ankle-sprain-defying hiking boots!

  10. My early Christmas backpack!

  11. Mudwtr! Love this stuff!

  12. Wine, oh yes, dear wine.

  13. Yoga, for which I set the intention to be grateful for my body, which allows me to do yoga!

  14. Avocados!

  15. Mexican food. I know there are other kinds of food, but I frickin’ love Mexican food!

  16. Blue skies and sunny days.

  17. The smell of cloves.

  18. Homemade chai.

  19. The sound of laughter, all of them. I’m thinking of that song from Mary Poppins.

  20. My ‘big softie’ - a super soft giant red fleece blanket.

  21. Toe warmers.

  22. Wholesome murder mysteries.

  23. Nancy Meyers movies.

  24. Popcorn with lots of butter and nutritional yeast! The taste and the smell and the crunch.

  25. My computer!

  26. Noise reducing headphones!

  27. So grateful for the color pink.

  28. My wireless speaker.

  29. Lowell George, Little Feat and the Waiting for Columbus album. Best live album ever.

  30. Salt

  31. Cross country skiing.

  32. Jokes! The cornier the better.🤣

  33. Books - and by extension, authors and my Kindle.

  34. The Hidden Brain podcast Hidden Brain podcast and my secret crush, Shankar Vedantum.

  35. My Bonair mop thingy that makes cleaning so much easier than mopping.

  36. The New York Times📰

  37. National Public Radio

  38. Hugs.🤗

  39. So grateful for my pretty, high quality super soft pajamas. They make me feel ‘dressed for bed’.

  40. My doctors that are so accessible and helpful.

  41. All the love in my life.💖

Amy's list of gratitides

  1. My relationship with my daughter

  2. My morning routine

  3. Positive Intelligence

  4. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

  5. Sally my ex-Mother-in-law

  6. My Dutch Family

  7. Video chats with my daughter

  8. Well made cocktails

  9. Board games

  10. GPS

  11. Audible

  12. Long summer days

  13. The beach

  14. Live theater

  15. Good friends

  16. Gluten free bakeries

  17. Design Mom house restoration updates on Instagram

  18. Expat Facebook groups

  19. Instant pot

  20. Prestige TV

  21. Bad reality TV

  22. Girls’ trips

  23. The Daily

  24. Candy

  25. Falcon Ridge memories

  26. Blue spruce xmas trees

  27. Fairies

  28. Disney

  29. Perfect Avocado readers and followers

  30. Georgia’s adopted families and my adoptive kids (the village that helps raise our kids)

  31. La Cannadienne boots

  32. Lyme literate doctors

  33. Alternative healing modalities

  34. My orange bike

  35. My silver hair

  36. Green chef

  37. Kim’s help with my storage purge

  38. So many friends supporting me in making this big move

  39. Bluetooth speaker

  40. Dating apps

  41. Noise canceling headphones while flying

  42. Coaches

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1 Comment

Pamela VanDeursen
Pamela VanDeursen
Nov 30, 2021

Just rereading these brings me back to that great gratitude expansive feeling!

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