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25 Random Things - Amy

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

On a canal in Utrecht, Netherlands

Pam is taking a blogging course and had the assignment to write 25 random things. We thought it would be fun for both of us to do it and post here so you can learn more about us. In keeping with #9 I was very enthusiastic about this assignment and could not stop at 25 so here are my 35 random things. Pam will follow later this week.

1. I have visited every state except ND, ID, and MT. My favorite (to visit) is SD.

2. I’ll be happy when I die if all I have been was a great mother.

3. In my 20’s I didn’t want to get married or have kids ever.

4. I LOVE Disneyworld and have been dozens of times.

5. My dream is to live in Amsterdam, preferably on a houseboat

6. I am a champion manifester.

7. I moved around a lot as a child but consider (pre dot com) San Francisco my hometown.

8. I’m not embarrassed to say I love TV and watch a lot.

9. I dare you to find someone with more enthusiasm than me.

10. If I won the lottery I’d get a plane time share and never fly commercial again.

11. Before high school I went to 8 schools in 8 years

12. I once had a job being Tweety Bird in the big furry costume.

13. I thrive on change

14. But … I am a lover and creator of ritual and tradition.

15. I am a morning person.

16. I had 36 hours of back labor with no epidural.

17. I have many wonderful close friends all over the country/world.

18. I am on the extreme end of extrovert.

19. My favorite week in the whole year is FALCON RIDG