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In this session we’re answering the question:
What is YOUR Big Story?
Scroll down to find key takeaways + homework.
Webinar 3

Webinar 3

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Key Takeaways from Session #3 YOUR BIG STORY

  1. We make up little stories all day every day.

  2. There are 2-3 big stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long we actually believe they are true.


For your own reference, record in your journal some examples of stories from your very own life or from our last session.



Homework(fun) from Session #3 - YOUR Big Story

Identifying YOUR big story

  • Review your journal - look for patterns especially where you consistently experience the telltale signs of anger, avoidance, defensiveness, fear, shame, guilt, regret, and resignation. 

  • Explore. Think about the areas in your life where you are consistently dissatisfied. What’s your story there? Keep writing. Invite your subconscious to help you. Ask your questions and then write without stopping for a minimum of ten minutes. Set a timer. Then do it again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    • Some helpful tips: I’m not good at ______.  I’m clumsy, disorganized, not smart enough. I’m not good with money, health 

  • If you need help

    • ask loved ones “what’s something I regularly complain about myself?”

    • Or what activities or conversations do I regularly avoid.

Remember, you may not be able to trace the origin of your big story. It’s not uncommon that you began making up this story when you were so young, as a defense strategy that you won’t be able to know 'what happened’. 


How was doing the homework? Not just what did you uncover but how did you feel about looking under these rocks?


We are attempting nothing less than rewiring your brain. We’re trying to slow down the response rate of your amygdala in order to give the ol’ neocortex a chance to catch up and demonstrate its analytical, reasoning intelligence - to allow it to make more nuanced deductions. 


As you review your work from the homework, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you identify any patterns? Did they lead you to a big story?

  • Is that BIG STORY true?

  • Did you distort the truth? 

  • Can you flip it? Make up shit that works for you?

  • Do you know where that story comes from? 

  • When did you start telling that story?

  • Is it familiar to you?

  • How does the story make you feel? 

  • How do the facts make you feel?


We are honored by your trust in us, and it’s our deepest wish that you enjoy this and are finding value in this work. 


Let’s go sisters, 

Pam + Amy

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