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Once Upon a Time - The Story of Your Life


If you are one of the millions of women in isolation for the past few weeks, you may be running out diversions in the form of TV programming and movies. We’re hoping that you are staying healthy and positive, but you may have had a day or two where you’ve sunk into the blues or hopelessness. Amy and I have definitely had our dark days recently. 


And some of those days are dark not just because of the times we’re living in, but because like everyone else, we have this little voice in our heads that is telling us a story about what’s going on  - that we just can not get through this one by ourselves; that we have situations that simply can not wait until this virus burns itself out; that these people we’re living with 24 hours a day are going about things all wrong; that’s usually all related to The Story of Your Life. And that may not what you’re thinking - we’re not talking about a fairy tale here. 


The Story of Your Life is a strategy that you came up with when you were vulnerable and young. You created it to deal with uncertainty or perceived threats. It’s a response to a situation, an overcorrection - and without a doubt it is unconscious. When you review events in your life, your story might even look like self-sabotage. And it’s definitely getting in your way. 


It’s that thing that you just can’t shrug off, that keeps you from moving forward in the ways that you so fervently desire. That keeps you isolated and doubting yourself. 


It could sound like this… 

Once upon a time, a child was born into a family and was the apple of her father’s eye, and her mother’s little doll. They lived the modest life of a military family, but she wanted for nothing. She never learned how to manage money. For her, money = fun tickets. She could make it, but it never accumulated into savings. Now, as an adult, her story is that she only really feels loved when she is taken care of. And she still doesn’t have a pile of money. Happy ever after?


Once upon a time, a baby girl came into the world with troubled parents. While there was deep family loyalty, her family was punctuated with mental illness, unstable living situations, and parental neglect. A strong advocate for herself, nonetheless, she unconsciously looked for love that would provide stability. Her story was that stability was the most important thing and was worth sacrificing affection, romance and mutual interests. Happy ever after?


Once upon a time, a little girl was told the story of her birth was so miraculous, she spent the rest of her life trying and failing, to create a life meaningful enough to justify your existence. Happy ever after?


Oh yes, dear ones, these are real stories of real Perfect Avocados. Maybe you have a clue what your own fractured fairy tale is, but our promise is that at the end of this eCourse you will be able to clearly see your own special brand of fiction. From this vantage point you’ll have access to new choices and ways of being in your everyday life.


But here’s what you really need to know - you are not your story. You are so much more than your story. And naming the story is the first step in clearing the way for your essential self to blossom. Yaassss! Freedom! 


In this focused online course, we’ll break down what is a story, examine why it matters in your life and guide you towards identifying your own ‘what’s holding you back story’. Understanding your story is integral to shedding it.


The definition of story:

story (noun) - description

  • a description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events

  • a description of events that actually happened or that are invented:

    • There was a news story on television about flooding on the west coast.

    • My daughter won’t go to bed without hearing a bedtime story

  • a story can also be a lie:

    • Don’t tell me any stories, I want to know what really happened

What’s included for $50: Or pay whatever you can. Email for coupon code

  • Four video classes (also recorded)

  • Private Facebook group for this enlightened group of women

  • Powerful and fun homework, shared with the group

  • Aha! moments

  • Guided meditations and journal prompts

  • Personal coaching

  • Videos, audios & creative prompts offered EVERY lesson!


You’ll leave with:

  • A feeling of power and freedom, and yes, relief

  • A new, deeper sense of self-compassion for your disappointments, embarrassments and even your “failures”

  • A sense of what’s really possible for you

  • Newfound patience for others in your life and the world

Here’s the deal:

‘The Story of Your Life’ is a four-lesson eCourse. Each class will progressively unpack what a story is. Using examples from our lives and yours, plus homework, you’ll learn to identify story making in action. With compassionate coaching, journaling, and meditation you will unconceal your own story. Finally, you get to decide how to move forward with this new formerly hidden information in your back pocket.


Usually, this course takes place over four weeks at a cost of $50, but we decided Transformation in the time of COVD19 should be more accessible and faster, so this eCourse will take place over just 10 of days and we’re asking that you pay what you can - and we mean that sincerely.  Email with what you are able to pay and we'll send you a coupon code to use to register

May 7  - What the hell is a story?

May 10 - Why does it even matter?

May 13 - What is your story? This is the meaty class!

May 16 - So what are you gonna do about it? 

Join Amy and Pam for The Story of Your Life eCourse starting on Thursday, May 7th  from 8pm to 9pm Eastern time and then every three days over the next 10 of days to begin shrugging off the old story and begin a powerful transition to the future. We are strong believers that change begins the minute you take action, so register here. Now. 

We literally cannot wait to meet you and begin this journey together! Start now. Here. 

Registration closes May 5th

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