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Your Big Dream - Go For It!

Intimate group limited to just 10 women

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

The motivation for us behind all of our work is best expressed here, maybe you can relate: “It’s tempting to be in fantasy about someday. That fuzzy, happy-ever-after when you get the job, the romantic partner, the family. The bank account is full of dough, the house is just right, you are slim and trim and know how to pick perfect avocados.”


If you are ready to get out of fantasy with your big dream,  and start making it a reality, then come spend a day with Pam and Amy to get on the path to making that dream a reality.


Or maybe you don’t even know what your big dream is - yet. No worries, after a full day with Pam and Amy, you’ll be full of possibilities!


Living in the time of COVID, we’re all in various states of transition:

  • Maybe you’ve been laid off or furloughed and you see this as the time to reinvent yourself

  • Maybe this is the moment you’ve been waiting for

  • Maybe you are ready to think about post pandemic life

  • Maybe you are looking to recreate yourself due the wild changes with COVID

  • Or, maybe you have been timid, up till now, because it just seems impossible

Whatever your reason, let’s spend a day to unpack that dream, do some real visioning work and get started. 


Pam + Amy and a group of Perfect Avocados will gather (with masks, of course) somewhere (location to be determined) within a 45 minute drive from Boston to create a safe and welcoming environment for dreaming, talking about the big dream, the obstacles, and your ‘big why’. We’ll do some guided meditation, then dive deep into the realization of the dream and the perfect, personalized first steps to get you moving. Because once you have momentum the ball will just keep on rolling!

                                                                       We'll also do Breathwork with AmyJo                                                                                 Acardi from Flourish Boston. Breathwork                                                                           is an active breathing meditation and                                                                               enlightenment practice that amplifies                                                                               positive change in your life and your                                                                                 consciousness. Based on Pranayama, this                                                                         transformational practice moves stuck                                                                               energy out of your body, so you gain                                                                                 access to more clarity, confidence,                                                                                     and a stronger sense of yourself.



What’s included:

  • A whole day just for you to spend time with your dream - seeing it, speaking it, planning it!

  • A rich guided meditation involving all your senses visualizing your big dream

  • Lunch - nurturing comfort food - yum

  • Time to feel into and document the big dream like it’s happening Right. Now.

  • Personal coaching to encourage your intuitive inner wisdom.

  • Private Facebook group just for this group of Perfect Avocados

  • One follow up coaching call with Pam and/or Amy

  • Perfect Avocado Dream Actualizing Journal

  • Suggested videos, audios & creative prompts to support you after the one day retreat


You’ll leave with:

  • A feeling of zest and possibility!

  • A custom mini starter implementation plan for your big dream 

  • A beautiful personalized vision board or book to keep calling you forth

  • A sense of a fait accompli about your dream - it’s already happenin


There’s more to life than just dreaming about that someday life!

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Image by Randy Tarampi
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