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In this session we’re answering the question:
So, what are you going to do about it?
Scroll down to find key takeaways + homework.
Webinar 4

Webinar 4

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Key Takeaways from Session #4  So, what are you going to do about it?

We make up little stories all day every day.

There are 2-3 big stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long we actually believe they are true.

Consider this, we are attempting nothing less than rewiring your brain. We’re trying to slow down the response rate of your amygdala in order to give the ol’ neocortex a chance to catch up and demonstrate its analytical, reasoning intelligence. To allow it to make more nuanced deductions. 


We felt that this was important for you to have in writing for review. Here are some ways to look at your big story. 

Did you identify any patterns? Did they lead you to a big story?
Say more about what actually happened.
Is it true?
Did you distort the truth? 
Can you flip it? Make up something that works for you?
Does it have to be true?
Do you know where that story comes from? 
When did you start telling that story?
Is it familiar to you?
How does the story make you feel? 
How do the facts make you feel?


In addition, here are some ideas from Brene Brown to identify the story you’re making up:
My emotions
My body
My thinking
My beliefs
My actions


Story Defying Mantra work
Remember - This is a message from your neocortex!

Here are some examples from our video:

I know what to do and I do it. 


I make money work for me. 


We can do hard things. Credit Glennon Doyle


All prosperity all the time.


Commitment, like a freedom.


I am an open-flowing channel for LOVE.


I didn’t know how, but now I am an information-seeking missile.


My body carries me through the days and nights of my life and I am grateful for it.


I am lovable.

If you haven’t already, please take a minute now and write your own badass story-defying mantra. Think of this as a tattoo that you would have inscribed to save you from yourself!

So now what? As Amy outlined in the video you have options! Because it’s not going away... It’s up to you to tame it, but that story will always be trying to claw its way back into your thoughts. You’ve got your mantra to help, but you’ll need reinforcements. We’ve got you covered. 

  • Virtual Retreat: We offer a super fun virtual retreat to guide you in discovering your SuperPowers. This retreat is a live session with Pam and Amy and a few like-minded women. We offer SuperPowers Are Real every other month and each virtual retreat lasts 3.5 hours in the comfort of your own home. For the general public the cost is $125 but because you’ve already done the hard part of uncovering the story that’s been running your life we’re giving you $30 off. Use coupon code STORY to register for only $90. 

  • Personal Coaching: Think you’d like some one on one time with one of us? Check out our coaching page to schedule a free introductory session. 

Amy specializes in executive coaching. She will coach you to become a more effective leader; help you set and achieve goals; manage difficult employees; "manage up"; determine your strengths and weaknesses and hire accordingly. 

Pam’s life coaching is based in reflective listening. Pam’s greatest gift as a coach is that she is an intensely interested listener. Pam listens to what you say, and what you say between the lines. She’ll help you to determine what’s the story that is between you and the goals.


  • Costa Rica Retreat: Ready for a total Perfect Avocado immersion? Join us for our flagship in person retreat. (TBD based on COVID safety.)

On this retreat we spend an entire day on your big story. We’ll dig deep with compassionate coaching and a ritual to actually break up with your story. 

Next with your story named and tamed, you will create a future you can’t imagine. Your story has been keeping you from dreaming big. It’s been keeping you small. With coaching from Amy and Pam, meditation and journaling you’ll uncover a dream so big it may even scare you. But you’ll know in your heart of hearts it’s the one for you. 

And finally the secret sauce of our Perfect Avocado Retreats - what sets us apart from most retreats - you’ll develop a plan of action to achieve that dream! 


  • Create your own team of like minded women that share your language. Share this webinar with your friends. 



  • Share your story and your story-slaying mantra on social media with the #storyofmylife #mystoryslayingmantra and be sure to tag @perfectavocadoretreats


  • Please consider sending us a testimonial about your experience with this webinar. If you were to share your experience with a girlfriend, what would you share?  Email to 

Thank you for spending time with us. It’s our sincere hope that you’ve uncovered one of your big stories. Now you can go forth into the world feeling a little lighter and a little more in control of that historical self limiting story. 

REMEMBER slow down, take a breath and let your neocortex catch up! The goal here is to make friends with your mind.

We are honored by your trust in us, and it’s our deepest wish that you’ve enjoyed this webinar and are finding value in this work. 

Please take just a few minutes to complete this Webinar Evaluation.

Let’s go sisters, 
Pam + Amy

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