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Four lessons (one every three days) video classes (also recorded)

  • Private Facebook group for this enlightened group of women

  • Powerful and fun homework, shared with the group

  • Aha! moments

  • Guided meditations and journal prompts

  • Personal coaching

  • Videos, audios & creative prompts offered EVERY lesson!


You’ll leave with:
A feeling of power and freedom, and yes, relief

  • A new, deeper self-compassion for your disappointments, embarrassments and even your “failures”

  • A sense of what’s really possible for you, yes, something different

  • A new found patience for others in your life and the world

Here’s the deal:

The Story of Your Life is a four lesson E-Course. Each class will progressively unpack what a story is. Using examples from our lives and yours, plus homework you’ll learn to identify story making in action. With compassionate coaching, journaling, and meditation you will unconceal your own story. Finally, you get to decide how to move forward with this new formerly hidden information in your back pocket. 



Lesson 1 - What the hell is a story?

Lesson 2 - Why does it even matter?

Lesson 3 - What is your story? Oh yeah, the meat!

Lesson 4 - So what are you gonna do about it? 

Let's shrug off the old story and begin a powerful transition to the future. We are strong believers that change begins the minute you take action, so register

Story of Your Life Covid 19 Edition


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