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I can’t believe it finally happened!

Last weekend, Amy and I gathered with four amazing women, not unlike yourself. The next deputy AG of Maryland, a PHD anthropologist, a young mountain bike rider/Waldorf teacher, and an accomplished marketing wiz. I was nervous, and my co facilitator, Amy, and I were amped beyond all recognition. We’d planned, we’d gone through our plan hour by hour and minute by minute. And then, there we were in the lovely living room of the Talbot House in Rockland Maine, ready to let the magic begin.

And it did!

We began by working to unconceal the hidden story that each woman had about herself that had been running her life. This was a thing of beauty. The tenderness, compassion, and empathy that the group expressed for each other during this work was inspiring. My nervousness quickly dissipated upon seeing the trust and willingness that these women approached our program. The work was tough and our participants shared their most vulnerable sides with each other. There were tears, incredible ‘Aha moments’, and much laughter. And Amy and I got to witness and guide them to deep individual insights.

From here our group bravely ‘broke up’ with their stories, writing heartfelt letters of letting go. Each woman formulated a mantra to be used when their inner critics protested. These are watch words to be deployed when the same old story rears its ugly head in the future. And now, they were freed up to really dream full out. The room was full of futures that were previously only voiced in whispers, or maybe only in secret thoughts. ‘Someday’ lives that barely seemed viable before. Again, there were tears and laughter. But also, the possibility of fulfillment. For Amy and I, this was pure gold.

And then came the part that really sets our work apart. It’s important to us that our participants leave with more than insights and a glow that lasts for the next week or so. We promise nothing less than action and implementation. Our trusting group was tasked with distilling their dreams down to specific goals, and specific movements toward fulfillment. Our lovely ladies came to this with enthusiasm and glee!

In between all of these exercises we indulged in pure gastronomic delight in the restaurants of Rockland, and our every need was met by the doting staff of the Talbot House. Amy and I could not have been more delighted with every detail of our very first Perfect Avocado Retreat.

Our gratitude to these four women for their faith and trust in us is vast. We are honored.

And we want to do it again!

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