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On Monday, September 8th, I went to NYC with my BFF and business partner to attend the book launch for Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. The event was promoted with plenty of superlatives: “Imagine if a Beyoncé concert and a TED Talk had a baby, then threw a party.” The night promised to be nothing less than prom night for babes with possibility on their minds. And friends, she did not disappoint Music and dancing, a light show, adult beverages, a dance photo booth, and lots and lots of people.!!!!

It was a whirlwind trip, full of inspiration, urban energy, stunning architecture, and BUZZ. Upon arrival, we took ourselves out on the Highline and quickly racked up well over 15000 steps! Amazing people watching! The art! So many languages! So many beautiful shoes! It makes me smile a bewildered smile - I actually used to live in this beehive of a city. But since my time there, New York has changed in many ways, and so have I. This is where my son was born. Where I managed the largest staff in my life. Where my first husband and I made the decision to be a family and plan our lives together. And the first thing we did after we had a child ...was to move to Vermont. So, now I am a country mouse. But man, NYC sure can make you feel alive!

And then….we arrived at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The only thing missing was a red carpet. Hoards of women thronged outside, and thousands awaited inside. And everywhere, we all started spontaneous conversations with, well, anyone. We were all beaming, and dancing, and laughing, and eager for the main event. Then the DJ closed up and out came the dancers! And then Marie. She was powerfully vulnerable. Or vulnerably powerful? But man, was she inspiring! Dancing her booty off with those professional dancers. We witnessed the fruition of her commitment. The work and practice that went into that event made it clear what it looks like to really play full out. Or one version anyway. But really the big takeaway for me was the feeling of being with so many people determined to living full, wholehearted lives and not hiding our collective lights under any damned bushel.

I went to bed that night tired and jazzed and full of energy. My heart was happy.

Fast forward two weeks. Feeling completely done with humanity, I drew a really hot bath with plenty of lavender and Epsom salts. I eased my weary self into a tub of water almost too hot to bear. And I finally opened the damned book. I found myself reading the chapter focused on excuses, and then she addressed my favorite. I DON’T HAVE TIME. Can you kind of hear that resonant, echo-ey voice? Kind of like Marley’s ghost. Oy vey, how many times have I said that? I actually remember answering the question if I could pick any superpower to be mine, I would choose to have enough time. So, I started with her basic recommendation. I removed all my favorite time-wasters from my phone. Gone with Facebook, spider solitaire, Fun with Words, Pinterest, Zillow, and all notifications. Next, I’m documenting my time for a week. She’s sure that I’ll find 2 extra hours a day. A day! I hope she’s right. But I did ‘find’ the time to write this post. I think it only took an hour. Insert sheepish grin here.

This is going to be a good book. And it was a great party. Congratulations Beyonce and Ted! And Marie!

If you too are ready to blow up your story, like not having enough time, take a look at our ecourse, The Story of Your Life. Then register.

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